Closer than yesterday.

Posted by dumpyfrumpy40something on 12:28 AM

Well today was the last day of stuffing my face with crap.  Tomorrow is a new fresh start, but not just for me it's for my body.  I'm soooooo looking forward to feeling better, having more energy but most of all getting back into my smaller sizes and looking at myself in the mirror without cringing.

The first week to 2 weeks are always the hardest to me.  I go through withdrawls of chocolate, not being able to eat what I want or when I want.  I become cranky, moody and lethargic and not a nice person to be around but once I've almost had a detox for a week, I'm almost a different person.  
My motivation to keep going is watching the numbers on the scales drop.  Of course the first week is always the tease as it seems to be when the biggest numbers come off.  Your told it's fluid, but the funny thing is I have been on a diet and not drink much fluid at all in the first week but still loose....silly me I should of had the fluid maybe I would of dropped more lol.  I get disheartened when I only loose small amounts like 200g etc or none.  You say 200g is g's is a loss and better than nothing....when you've been slogging your guts out that week it's like a kick in the teeth.  My most hated is a plateau or a ga......ga.......gain ok I said it! It only takes one gain and you have the chance of trying to squeeze into the cupboard or fridge to find any chocolate that may have fallen down the back in a crevice.....now come on most of us have been guilty of this!! 

Anyway wish me luck, kick me in the butt what ever you have to do to keep me going.  Would love to hear of anyone else's Blog on their Weight loss journey.


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