Yummy food day

Posted by dumpyfrumpy40something on 11:18 PM

The only emotional food I ate today was 2 pieces of chocolate which actually fell in my points for today so really it's not cheating.  Lunch was Chicken Caesar salad for 9 points and was soooo yum.

Dinner was Honey mustard pork with roasted pear salad

Hubby has given his approval for me to make this again lol.  I really enjoyed todays menu although I do hate cooking and my kitchen always looks like a bombs hit it afterwards, but I guess if the food tastes good I'm going to keep coming back for more....well not seconds but keep going with the menu lol.

Still not drinking enough water and I just don't drink a lot in the colder months.  I'm adding fresh lemon and lime juice but most of the time I just forget about it even if it is sitting on the bench in front of me.  So if anyone has any idea's I am all ears.


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