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Today I organised myself, shopping done for the start of Weight Watchers next week, signed up again to WW online, menu all planned, bought the September issue of Weight Watchers magazine and all as I need to do is start!
   September Magazine 2012 – 3 Free Issues! Save 35%

I have a problem when it comes to food, I just like basic stuff.  I'm a mash potato and meat girl or pasta and yes love my takeaway although where we live we only rally have pizza or fish and chips so I find every time I head out to the shops away from home, Macca's drive through is normally my port of call.
What I don't like is herbs to me its like eating stuff off the ground outside and also the taste!  Don't like chic peas, beans, olives, Alot of cheeses like blue vein, cottage cheese, ricotta.  Not a large veggie eater but when I do I only really hear peas, corn, carrot and occasionally cauliflower.  Brown rice, pasta infact most brown foods ...ewwwwwwwwwww, honestly the brown rice it like eating hard bits of cardboard and I don't want crunchy rice.  My husband keeps telling me I need to live a little in regards to my taste buds, but my responce is 'this is what I was born with!'
Soooooooooooo come Monday I have decided that I am going to bite the bullet and try what ever the WW menu tells me to eat. Yes I know you can change it around to suit your style but I need it there in writing or I will procrastinate like there is no tomorrow and will either skip the meal, stand in the pantry for 2 hours staring or just grab what ever is easiest which normally is fat food.

Ricotta raisin toast 

Corn, chickpea & tuna salad & Brown bread roll

Zucchini, feta, tomato 
& rice frittata
Finish with ½ punnet strawberries.
1 Ryvita Multi Grain Crispbread, 
topped with 25g Weight Watchers 
Ham and ½ tomato (sliced).
62g tub NESTLÉ DIET Chocolate 

So as you can see there are quite a few things in Day 1 that I wouldn't eat....until now....Stay Tuned!!


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