Week one

Posted by dumpyfrumpy40something on 11:36 PM
Today was weigh in and I am excited to say I have lost 1.8kg and 3.5cm off my waist which to me is better than the kg's lol.

I have to admit the couple of days with no menus was tough because I hadn't really thought a head and was sort of left with what ever was in the freezer. This weekend is going to be harder, not only because I'm going to have a house full of people for my son's Birthday but staying over too so I know have to really think ahead about what caters for all.

I am enjoying the food and trying to eat most ingredients but there are still I just can't do and yep the excuse is ....ewwwwwww lol. Tomorrow night I'm even going to have cappers in a meal...wish me luck!

So what do I need to do to improve?? Drink more water, drink more water and drink more water. I need to find a water app I think And also using triggers to get me to drink, so like every time I go to the loo have another drink, every time I think of chocolate have a drink, which may mean I never get off the loo because I would be peeing that much. So wish me luck for week 2 and a good result.


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