Why do we always start next week??

Posted by dumpyfrumpy40something on 10:54 PM
I was reading a friends Blog today, she too has been waging the war on weight and has done so well.  She has a little bit more to go and has been on the wayside,  but she decided she would start today. This made me think....Funny how when we are going to start any type of weight loss we always say I'll start it on Monday!  Why do we always choose the following week, why not now??? I am so guilty with this but I'm not a planner, never have been so I always have to go shopping and due to where I live it's not a 5 min trip down the road, Infact it's about 35mins thus I always leave it to my shopping day.  But my biggest reason is it gives me a few more days to eat as much crap as I want while I can still eat it, thus adding a bit more fat in the places it loves to hang around and takes me that bit longer to lose.

See I have PCO or poly cystic ovaries which is well known for adding girth to your tummy and bum area and thats where mine is.  It makes it harder for us to loose weight but very very easy to gain.  But I'm not going to use this as an excuse like so many do.

Now back onto the excuse of me eating yummy food before I start my diet....

Yep you guessed it, I ate some of this today.  It was my mums birthday and god yes it was yummy and not one thought about what it was doing to me, just what pleasure it was giving me so bye bye evil food like this not forever but if I do ever have something like this again, it will be ALOT smaller and with any luck I actually say no!


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