Hey....someone swapped my mirror!

Posted by dumpyfrumpy40something on 12:14 AM
Do you have one of those mirrors, the one that one day you look skinny and fab, but the next day it's like someone came in and put a whole new mirror in its place and the heavier, dumpier you suddenly appears?? I swear that's been happening most of my life and I'm a little over it. It truly is amazing how one day you can look good in that top but something catches your eye the next time and you think OMG, is that what I looked like last week....ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

I wish I just had the confidence to accept me for me but I just don't, I don't think I ever will being over weight.  I truly believe it stems back from my days at school. It use to break my heart being teased, called fatty, lard arse, ugly and more.  All as you want to do is be popular or just liked by everyone but you soon realise that its not to be and the worst thing is the age that it all starts, but the funny thing is it doesn't get any better as you get older!  I still remember being in my early 20's out with friends and a guy making a passing comment of 'you have a fat butt'...it's like your school days coming back to haunt you.  Why are people just so nasty, I mean who decided that skinny was in and over weight was out??? 
I just hate the plastic world we are now living in and it scares me to think how far it will go in the future.  Botox here and little bit there and what the hell stick some there too.  Fake boobs, lypo, lifts, tucks when is it ever going to stop, I mean is my son going to marry Barbie!

I wonder if I will ever be content with myself and I wonder if I will just one day stop fighting the battle??


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